Speaker: Rev. Dr. Chris Antal

Remembering Well on Memorial Day

National holidays can confront religious communities with a  challenging choice: conflate church and state or differentiate religious  identity and mission from pervasive and often unrecognized  nationalistic ideologies. 

Rev. Dr. Chris J. Antal is ordained in and endorsed by the Unitarian  Universalist Association. He has been a … read more.

Peace With Pain

Privilege provides us the choice to pay attention to pain and seek to relieve it, or to insulate ourselves in sophisticated resignation and anesthetizing slumber. How we choose determines whether we become compassionate, or something less. UU minister Antal serves as a staff chaplain at the Veterans Administration medical center in Philadelphia. He completed his Doctor of Ministry at Hartford Seminary, where Rev. Peers was one of his professors. He has presented several programs based on his dissertation topic, moral injury, most recently at the 2018 UUA General Assembly.