Speaker: Michael Burkhimer

It’s The End of the World and We Know It

Most of the Western World is in a perpetual state of waiting, as its three major religions incorporate a belief in either the coming of a messiah or in a final judgment which ends the current world and resolves all problems through divine intervention. Unfortunately, this outlook substitutes for wisdom and problem solving in the here and now. It also escalates armed conflict through misuse of ancient “apocalyptic” texts. Better and perhaps necessary for our species’ survival is to focus on solving our problems now rather than waiting for some presumed divine intervention.

Lincoln’s Christianity

Abraham Lincoln quoted Jesus of Nazareth often, focusing on what scholars claimed were actual words of the historical Jesus rather than on theological embellishments by later New Testament writers. As UU and renowned author, Kurt Vonnegut, once said, “But, I say with all my American … read more.