Who Are We Now?

Just a few months ago the pandemic seemed to be ending: lockdown lessened, vaccines newly available, masks were optional in many places….As new variants come, we are once again part of a pandemic existence, and we see the truth that the world will never go back to the old “normal.”  Nor we will go back to who we were before the pandemic. We have all been changed by what we lost, missed out on and found during the pandemic. Who are we now? Who do we want to be now? Who could we be now?

Rev. Andrew Weber currently lives in Newark, DE with his wife and two children. Andrew is a part-time fitness coach at the University of Delaware, part-time pulpit supply minister at area congregations (such as TPUUF) and full-time parent. All these pieces together make up a path of seeking to help people and communities live into their best selves. He reflects on living a faith-informed life on an online blog “How to Drive Like a Minister.”