Ned Hector, African American Revolutionary War Hero

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Join us for a unique, intergenerational experience as re-enactor Noah Lewis brings to life the story of Ned Hector, an African American soldier who fought in the American Revolutionary War. Hector, who lived near what is now Norristown, PA, served as a teamster and bombardier with the Pennsylvania state militia unit that eventually became the Fourth Continental Artillery. He participated in least two major battles: The Battle of Brandywine (September 11, 1777) and the Battle of Germantown (October 4, 1777). His heroic actions during the Battle of Brandywine, along with the esteem he was accorded by his peers, resulted in a street being named after him in the 1850s.

Noah Lewis, currently working on a biography of Hector, discovered the story of this Black Continental soldier while doing genealogical research on his own family. He created a storybook, Ned Hector, Revolutionary War Hero-Time Traveler and a one-man show focused on this one of several thousand African Americans who fought for independence from Britain. Lewis has presented his re-enactment of Ned Hector to numerous school, community and historical groups who praise his performance as entertaining as well as informative.