The Extra Mile

According to the Book of Matthew in the New Testament of the Christian Bible, Jesus instructed his followers, “If a man asks you to go one mile with him, go with him two (5-41). Guest worship leader Mike Holliday will explore with us the meaning of that directive and where the “extra mile” takes us. A singer/songwriter from Pottstown, PA, Mike has traveled extensively across the eastern United States sharing songs and stories from his travels.

How Am I Paying Attention?

William James’ words in 1906 could still accurately describe our contemporary condition: “Compared to what we ought to be, we are only half-awake.” We know a lot more now about our human capacities for attention than we ever did. The question is not, “Are you paying attention?” but “How are you paying attention?” In this service we’ll explore the personal and religious significance of our ways of attention and practices that enhance our everyday experiences.