Ways of Resurrection

We tend to think of resurrection as something that happens, if at all, after death. Yet, if we look around we can begin to see all the ways that “resurrections” occur in our own lives and in other examples of the resilient spirit. Some of us identify with the “Doubting Thomas” more in the Easter narratives. Yes, even Thomas has a role in helping to reveal to us something about the “ways of resurrection” in our lives, in nature and in communities that continue to arise with hope and resilience, joy and perseverance. Since this Easter is also on the cusp of Earth Day, join us as we sing songs celebrating Easter and the Earth, starting with this verse from Samuel Longfellow’s hymn, ““Lo, the earth awakes again from the winter’s bond and pain.”

Pet Blessing Service

Our very own TPUUF Youth Group has planned this beloved service – The Blessing of the Pets. Rev. Gary Kowalski reminds us, “Don’t animals teach us about blessing, about joy?” They remind us to be satisfied with what we have. Not one of them is worried about the stock market. Not one of them wants to run for Congress or govern the animal kingdom. None brags that their religion is better than their neighbor’s. Each is satisfied with just a little; fresh water, healthy food, and enough room to nest or den. None needs a passport or travel documents or immigration papers, because they don’t live in a state like Pennsylvania or Vermont that cares about such things. They live in a state of bliss. Join our Youth Group as they lead this special service to bless our pets and honor the most special places they hold in our lives. Well-behaved and leashed family pets are welcome to join us for this fun family service. For those pets who are unable to join us and those who have passed, you are welcome to send pictures for our slide show to DLFD@tpuuf.org.