The Color of Light


We live in a world in which the pace of physical change is so accelerated we sometimes struggle to take it all in. But in addition to the physical changes in our world, we’re also confronted with challenges to our view of the world and to concepts we have relied on to make sense of it. In this service, we’ll explore how we react when concepts we have been taught all our lives are challenged.

“George Orwell–Honesty, and the Ability of One Person to Make a Difference”

Eric Blair, a.k.a. George Orwell, lived only 46 years, dying of tuberculosis in 1950. He never went to university or had a steady publisher of his writing and lived most of his life in poverty. Yet because of his overdeveloped sense of honesty and decency he wrote works that still resonate today. As Christopher Hitchens has written, Orwell unmasked the folly and danger of three major evils of the 20th Century: colonialism, fascism, and Stalinism. His work still stands as a warning against those who would rob individuals of their worth and dignity. Join us as we discuss how Orwell accomplished all this and what it means for our UU principles.

“Where’s Andy?—And Other Questions That May (Or May Not) Be Keeping You Awake at Night.”

Rev. Dave considers various paths or attitudes within Unitarian Universalism: the path of Jesus, the next generation, humanism, and sentimentality.

Service at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at Pottstown; no service at TPUUF

There will be no services at TPUUF on Sunday, August 20th.  We will be visiting the UU Fellowship of Pottstown.  All are invited to attend UUFP at 1565 S Keim St, Pottstown, PA 19465  Phone:(610) 327-2662

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Life’s Joyful Moments and Our Joyful Noise

Have you ever turned up the car radio and sung your heart out while cruising down the road? Have you watched young children dance, sway, clap and sing, asking for a song to be played over and over again? Has music accompanied some of your most joyful moments in life—Births? Falling in love? Celebrations? Simple happy days? Our lives … Continued