Soul Matters: Common Themes for Reflecting, Learning and Sharing Together at TPUUF

Our February Theme: What does it mean for us to be a people of Resilience?

 Find some time this month for personal reflection, “tea with a friend” or one of our conversation circles at TPUUF to explore these questions. Soul Matters Circles:  Sunday, February 2, 2020, following the service from 12:00-12:45 pm (all are invited).


  1. One definition of resilience is the ability to return to one’s original shape after it has been unexpectedly jolted, stretched, flattened, bent, etc. Where are you in the journey of resilience? Starting to feel pulled? Already significantly bent? Stretched and worried about snapping? Slowly returning to form? Still trying to figure out what’s causing the kink? Gratefully back? Realizing there’s no going back to that original shape?


  1. When do you remember first watching one of your parents act resiliently?


  1. What makes your resiliency unique?


  1. Has someone else’s resilience helped you survive? When did you not give up because they didn’t give up?


  1. How has your life partner made you more resilient?


  1. What did your hardest moment teach you about yourself?


  1. Is it possible that “Grin and bear it” is actually the worst advice you could be following right now?


  1. Have you been trying to act strong for too long? Could it be that resilience is asking you to rest, just rest?


  1. It is said that resilient people don’t just struggle through their pain; they share their stories and hear the stories of others. So is it time for you to be a storyteller, not just a survivor?


  1. Could it be that resilience is asking you to stop wishing things would go back to the way they were? Is it possible there’s no going forward until you let go of the future you planned?


  1. Why is it that you haven’t wept yet for all you have lost?


  1. Have you ever made it through hard times by believing what others may call “nonsense”?


-from the Soul Matters Sharing Circle