Soul Matters: Common Themes for Reflecting, Learning and Sharing Together at TPUUF

Our December Theme: What does it mean for us to be a people of AWE?

As we move into these winter months, you may find more time for personal reflection, for hot chocolate at home with family or friends or other gatherings with your soul companions at TPUUF to reflect on any of the questions below. Most of our worship services this month will be exploring this theme this month.

Soul Matters Circles:  We have these opportunities for you to meet in a small group with others to explore this month’s theme. A Soul Matters Circle  group that meets one Wednesday a month facilitated by Kate Weber (contact Lizzie Vena for details) Also, on Sunday, December 15th, I will be facilitating a Soul Matters Circle following the service (there will be a concurrent activity for children, “Coffee, Crafting and Conversation.” Please consider inviting a friend to join you on that Sunday.

A Practice: “A Daily Dose of Awe Online”.  Since our theme is AWE, you may want to join with others from our congregation this month who will practice going to this YouTube playlist that contains 31  awe-inspiring videos online all at this link.

May this be a season that holds for you the possibility for awe and wonder.- Rev. Larry Peers

December Theme: Awe

  1. Who taught you the most about “living in awe”?
  2. Has age impeded or assisted awe for you?
  3. How as the location of awe changed for you over time? Has it shifted from the stars to the woods? From the birth of planets to the birth of your child? From the physical feats your body allows to the storied wrinkles of your hand? What now leaves you most in awe when you look at it?
  4. Have you ever turned to the stars for support? Comfort? Escape? Connection?
  5. Is awe calling you to feel smaller or bigger?
  6. What if we need awe to be good?
  7. Have you ever sat in the middle of nature and it suddenly came to life? What gift did that experience leave you with?
  8. Is it possible that awe is where God is found?
  9. Do you most often complain about your body or stand in awe of it?
  10. When was the last time you stood in awe of your life partner?
  11. When was the last time you stood in awe of your child?
  12. Can you imagine someone standing in awe of you?

-Questions are adapted from Soul Matters a resource for Unitarian Universalist Congregations