Fathers, Flowers, Farewell

In Bryant’s last time in the pulpit at The Fellowship, he’ll lead our traditional celebration of those who father us and of our green and blooming friends. He may well have a few parting thoughts and wishes too.

LifeSpan Faith Development Celebration Sunday

Join Rev. Bryant Brown and our Director of Lifespan Faith Development, Lizzie Vena, as we celebrate another great year of programming at TPUUF. We will unveil the artwork of our young people as we kick off our annual Art Show. We will share highlights from our Children’s Faith Development and Youth Group programs as well as Adult Faith Development. As our program year winds down, it is time to recognize and thank our fabulous volunteers as well. This is also a time to celebrate and reflect on our individual and collective journeys of faith development. It’s a very UU question: What do you believe? Some think it’s anything they want to. Or is it what you have to? Rev. Bryant Brown will explore these questions.


You’ve heard of “balm in Gilead”? Let’s look at various kinds of healing we need and we offer. And the Welcoming Congregation Team will present the Matthew Shepard Award as we begin LGBTQ Pride Month.