Christmas Beyond Jesus

For centuries Jesus has been viewed as someone set apart, special, distinct from the rest of humanity. But what if he had simply awakened from the illusion of ego and realized the true nature of Reality as a divine, loving Oneness that includes us all? … read more.

Wonder Needs No Apology

The experiences of wonder and awe are our birthright as human beings. We admire these qualities in children and remember during this holiday the “wonder of the season.” Yet, wonder is not limited to one time of life or one season of the year. It … read more.

There Is More Light Somewhere

Hanukkah and Advent converge on this Sunday to give us spiritual reminders from the religious traditions of Judaism and Christianity that even when it is not immediately apparent there is “more Light somewhere.” Even in challenging times, we can rededicate ourselves to what is right. Even if it takes time to unfold, we can still nurture our hopeful expectations.  We will, with contemporary poetry, song and ritual, remind ourselves of these enduring lessons of the human spirit in Hanukkah and Advent.