Seeking Renewal During Covid-19

Individuals share the impact of quarantine on their lives, be it reflective, artistic, a project, or a spiritual/political expression. This period disrupted daily routine; many lives were devastated emotionally and/or economically; and a police-killing ignited the built-up stress of the injustices suffered by African American … read more.

InGathering Service: Gather the Spirit, Harvest the Power

Our annual Ingathering service this year will focus on the first verse of UU Troubadour Jim Scott’s song, “Gather the Spirit, Harvest the Power”: “Gather the spirit, harvest the power. Our sep’rate fires will kindle one flame. Witness the mystery of this hour. Our trials … read more.

Labor Day 2020 and the State of the American Worker

The strength of organized labor and the condition of working people in the U.S have varied widely over time. Workers have not only had to contend with a powerful owner class, but have also been divided by racism, sexism, and political ideology. Yet, at times, … read more.