Torda Reformation

Two religiously significant anniversaries, the Edict of Torda and the Protestant Reformation, can point us to lessons from our Unitarian and Universalist roots.


In our first service of the 2018 we’ll consider what we want to bring with us into this new year and what we’d rather let go of in a pyrotechnic sort of way.

Reflecting on Permanence and Change

Philosophers through the ages have been preoccupied with determining what, if anything, is permanent in the universe. Some became convinced the only thing permanent in the universe was change. Some thinkers maintained that something permanent exists, if not in the material world, then in some “super-natural” realm. But what about permanence and change on a more personal level? What about the existential question: “What is enduring and what is changing in ourselves, in our lives, and in our way of seeing the world?” As we stand on the threshold of a New Year, let’s make time to personally reflect on that question