LGBTQ+ Identity and Spirituality

Please join the TPUUF Welcoming Congregation Task Force and our guest worship leader, Spider Perry, for a special service in honor of Pride month. Spider Perry is a Jewish artist, author and activist, deeply involved in disability, Jewish and queer activism. Spider will speak from experience on LGBTQ+ identity and spirituality, and the intersections of various identities across a spectrum. Members of our Welcoming Congregation Task Force will extend our celebration of Pride month and recognition of growing edges as we continue to learn and work toward equality through songs and readings.


In a piece commemorating Father’s Day decades ago, the late syndicated columnist and renowned humorist Erma Bombeck wrote, “Fathers used to be a lot like a kitchen clock. They had a familiar face, were always in the same spot, kept pretty good time, and were never missed or appreciated until the day they stopped ticking.” Obviously, the roles, identities and traits of fathers have changed much over the past six decades and continue to evolve. Father’s Day 2019 affords an opportunity to reflect on what our own fathers have meant to us. Several of us will share memories of our fathers and what we learned from them, for better or worse, about the experience of fathering in these changing, and often confusing, times.

Harmony with the Infinite: Flower Communion Sunday

A Flower Communion is celebrated as an annual ritual in many Unitarian Universalist congregations around the world. It celebrates beauty and wonder, and also the gifts of human uniqueness and diversity in community. This ritual originated in 1923 with Rev. Norbert Čapek, a Unitarian Minister in Prague who, because of his advocacy for human freedom, died a prisoner in Dachau concentration camp. Norbert Čapek celebrated the “hidden cry for harmony with the Infinite” in every soul.” In October 2017, Rev. Peers visited with and taught Unitarians in the Czech Republic who celebrate a Flower Communion. Their communities have blossomed in recent years.