In January 2005, Jim Phynn’s father fell ill with a mysterious neurological disorder, passing away in May 2007. Jim looks back on the ups and downs of his father’s illness, focusing specifically on the role and experience of those who care for others in need. Jim has been a member of our neighboring BuxMont UU Fellowship for fifteen years and has served multiple roles in service to that congregation, including chair of the BuxMont worship committee. He is currently a worship associate at BuxMont.


Yeast, for all the bubbly additions it makes to our food and beverages, has some curious implications in religions’ stories that might give us something to ponder.

Begin Again

We, young and older together, celebrate gathering again, we mix the waters of the places on the planet we have visited (don’t forget), and we even add blessings to our days. *** BRING YOUR WATER ***