Giving Voice to Love

Rev. Libby Smith returns to our pulpit, this time to share a message about the need to overcome our reticence when it comes to expressing affirmation and love. Too often, we’re reluctant to let others know how deeply they touch our lives. Overcoming barriers and reservations to giving voice to our love could transform our world, and ourselves.

Celebrating our Sanctuary

Join us as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of our Building. The service will honor those people who served on the Fellowship’s original building committee as well as our leadership at the time. Share in the recollections of the original committee members. A brief history of the project will be presented. The service will be followed by a special brunch featuring past ministers of the fellowship. Special projects designed to enhance the building and to carry us into the future will be presented.

A Blessing Called Sanctuary

Meaningful community can be a blessing in each of our lives. It can help us to weather the storms in our life and in our world. It can steady us when so much seems overwhelming and uncertain. Sanctuary can be the place where we acknowledge different milestones in life and come together to celebrate and to comfort one another. We need the “blessing called sanctuary.”

Sanctuary is also an experience. Karina Antonopoulos says, “Where you belong is where you choose to constantly choose to show up.” I would add that how you choose to show up is also what makes a sanctuary a holy place. Being present to one another and creating places of belonging for our whole selves and for others makes a sanctuary, indeed, a sanctuary.