Speaker: Rev. Larry Peers

Oh, Yes We Will! Oh, Holy Night: A Christmas Eve Multi-generational Candlelight Service

Nothing can keep us from celebrating our Christmas Candlelight service this year! Sure, we cannot gather together in our building—yet we WILL gather. Sure, we cannot hear our sanctuary fill with each other’s voices, but we WILL sing. Sure, we cannot pass candlelight from one … read more.

In Stillness and Perseverance is Our Power

Several religious traditions teach us the power of stillness. Yet, for many of us, stillness seems ethereal and impractical. One author asks the question, “How different would the world look if people spent as much time listening to their conscience as they did to the … read more.

Don’t Abandon Your Post: The Ongoing Healing of the Heart of Democracy

The work of democracy is ongoing and requires constant tending and practice. What are the practices that allow us to move forward with courage? The Sikh writer and activist, Valarie Kaur, passes on the lesson that she learned from her own grandfather and the Sikh … read more.

Are There Only 7000 Ways of Listening?

In this service we’ll explore the varieties of the listening experience. Rabbi Abraham Heschel wrote that, “Faith is not an insurance, but a constant effort, a constant listening to the eternal voice.” Indeed, our lives call us into ever deepening listening to our experience and, … read more.

InGathering Service: Gather the Spirit, Harvest the Power

Our annual Ingathering service this year will focus on the first verse of UU Troubadour Jim Scott’s song, “Gather the Spirit, Harvest the Power”: “Gather the spirit, harvest the power. Our sep’rate fires will kindle one flame. Witness the mystery of this hour. Our trials … read more.