Speaker: Rev. Larry Peers

What are the Paths of Healing?

Healing comes to us in many ways. And there are many paths to healing. For example, the practice of “slow medicine” lures us into a deeper inquiry into our life as a whole. Sacred stories invite us into new ways of seeing and being. Music … read more.

Are There Only 7000 Ways of Listening?

In this service we’ll explore the varieties of the listening experience. Rabbi Abraham Heschel wrote that, “Faith is not an insurance, but a constant effort, a constant listening to the eternal voice.” Indeed, our lives call us into ever deepening listening to our experience and, … read more.

InGathering Service: Gather the Spirit, Harvest the Power

Our annual Ingathering service this year will focus on the first verse of UU Troubadour Jim Scott’s song, “Gather the Spirit, Harvest the Power”: “Gather the spirit, harvest the power. Our sep’rate fires will kindle one flame. Witness the mystery of this hour. Our trials … read more.

What Makes Something Spiritual or Not-Spiritual?

What do some actually mean when they say, “I’m spiritual but not religious?”or “I’m not spiritual?” And what do others mean when they say,”I identify as a mystic?” Can humanists also be “spiritual?” Are these descriptions mutually exclusive?  Could it be that labels we may … read more.

Holding Our Center in a Time of ‘Overwhelm’

Merely having the “right” ideas will not get us through. Unless we can translate our ideas into practices, we will not be able to transform everyday stresses and the uncertainties and “overwhelm” of our time. Cultivating practices that will nurture and sustain us and our … read more.