Speaker: Rev. Larry Peers

What Makes Something Spiritual or Not-Spiritual?

What do some actually mean when they say, “I’m spiritual but not religious?”or “I’m not spiritual?” And what do others mean when they say,”I identify as a mystic?” Can humanists also be “spiritual?” Are these descriptions mutually exclusive?  Could it be that labels we may … read more.

Holding Our Center in a Time of ‘Overwhelm’

Merely having the “right” ideas will not get us through. Unless we can translate our ideas into practices, we will not be able to transform everyday stresses and the uncertainties and “overwhelm” of our time. Cultivating practices that will nurture and sustain us and our … read more.

We Live in Liminal Times

The expression, “May you live in interesting times,” is purported to be a Chinese curse—or a blessing, depending upon interpretation. Some consider “interesting times” as times of turmoil or trouble and “uninteresting times” as times of peace, tranquility and certainty. Actually, no evidence points to … read more.

Rising and Uprising: Making Sense of Easter Again

Easter is another holiday rich with wisdom coded in stories and rituals that we get to decipher again and again. We know that Easter, like Passover, is one of those celebrations that incorporates various religious traditions, especially the earth-based traditions that were incorporated into these … read more.

Our Liberating Never Ends: Enduring Meaning of Passover for All of Us

Through story, song, meditation, and spiritual practice, we will gather for this online worship service to make sense of Passover’s enduring wisdom for us and for our time. Some of the most profound wisdom has been carried to us from generation to generation through story … read more.