Speaker: Rev. Larry Peers

Time-Released Resurrections: An Easter Sunday Celebration

This year, I just don’t feel that one resurrection is sufficient. Don’t we need to encourage one another to keep bouncing back, to keep unfolding and bringing forth what we can? Sure, it’s been an exhausting year. Yet, after reclining, I say—resurrect again and again.

Mary … read more.

Weaving Together the Threads and Pieces of Our Lives

Bring a Quilt to Church Sunday

One of the women featured in Mary Catherine Bateson’s book, Composing a Life, proclaims about her life: “Even if on the surface it looks like some goofy quilt, it really does make sense.” Our lives can sometimes feel like grand … read more.

Anchored in the Current: The Continuing Legacy of Howard Thurman

In all the currents of our own lives and our present-day world, we seek an anchor. We can never steady the inevitable currents of change, but we can find ways to anchor ourselves. In this service, I’ll draw upon the deep and enduring wisdom of … read more.

Oh, Yes We Will! Oh, Holy Night: A Christmas Eve Multi-generational Candlelight Service

Nothing can keep us from celebrating our Christmas Candlelight service this year! Sure, we cannot gather together in our building—yet we WILL gather. Sure, we cannot hear our sanctuary fill with each other’s voices, but we WILL sing. Sure, we cannot pass candlelight from one … read more.

In Stillness and Perseverance is Our Power

Several religious traditions teach us the power of stillness. Yet, for many of us, stillness seems ethereal and impractical. One author asks the question, “How different would the world look if people spent as much time listening to their conscience as they did to the … read more.