Speaker: Jerry Lazzaro

If Horses, Cattle, or Lions Had Hands

“Be careful what we worship,” Emerson cautioned, “for what we are worshipping, we are becoming.” Throughout history, humans have worshiped anthropomorphic gods—that is, gods with human form and characteristics. However from classical antiquity to modern times such visions of god have been criticized as inadequate, disappointing, and even corrupting of the true religious impulse. Well, if not like humans, what is god like? What is “godlike?” Whether you personally believe in a god or not, who gets to answers such questions and how those questions get answered will, indeed, influence who we are becoming.

Let Us All Be Grateful for…

We will reflect upon the spiritual roots and rewards of thankfulness and will share what cultivates and sustains within us an attitude of gratitude. Multi-generational Service: No CFD classes. Child care provided in the Nursery.

Generosity in Community and Spiritual Development

This multi-generational service will explore generosity as a force in community building and in our personal spiritual journey. It will also be our official Chalice Lighters Sunday, as we will acknowledge the work of the Joseph Priestley District Chalice Lighters program in strengthening UU communities, our own Fellowship included, and in expanding the reach our UU faith.