We Live in Liminal Times

The expression, “May you live in interesting times,” is purported to be a Chinese curse—or a blessing, depending upon interpretation. Some consider “interesting times” as times of turmoil or trouble and “uninteresting times” as times of peace, tranquility and certainty. Actually, no evidence points to a Chinese origin of this blessing or curse. What we do know is that we do, indeed, live in a “liminal time”: an in-between time, when we ask qualitatively different questions of ourselves.
What has been and what will be is not clear. Some social, political and spiritual teachers-such as Johanna Macy and David Korten, call this in-between time, “The Great Turning.” Underlying the apparent chaos and uncertainty of our time perhaps a deeper change is occurring that will require a new story of who we are as a civilization. Through story, songs, and reflections we will summon the deeply human and spiritual capacities being evoked in us now.

The following are links to various music and videos included in this service:

Prelude to our Service – We Shall Be Known, performed by the Thrive Choir

Gathering Song – May This Be An Opening Composed and Performed by Gretchen Sleicher
Visual Reflection – Surfing the Biggest Wave Ever by Mike Parsons
Closing Song – Soon the Day Will Arrive performed by Christine and David Perry

Postlude – Turn, Turn, Turn by Pete Seeger, performed by The Byrds