The Roots of Compassion: Our Flower Communion Service

If compassion were a seed within each of us, it has the possibility of growing and expanding throughout our life. Religious teachers and contemporary scientists teach us how the practice of compassion can be cultivated in and impact our relationships with others and ourselves.  We live at a moment in which we are being called to expand our compassion to those we do not know and to extend our care to the systems that care for the common good. What might the healing and spiritual practice of compassion include?

Incorporated into this Sunday’s service is the annual celebration of the Flower Communion ceremony first created by Norbert Čapek (1870-1942), a Unitarian minister who brought the Unitarian faith from the United States to thousands in what is now the Czech Republic. Čapek wrote: “May we realize that whatever we can do great or small, the efforts of all of us are needed to do thy work in this world.”

By June 10th: Please take a Photo of you (and others in your household) with flowers that we will incorporate into a slide show during our online Flower Communion Service.  Please send your electronic version of your photo to Rev. Larry Peers at ONLY with the words “Flower Communion” in the subject line. (Please use these words only in the subject line so that your contributions can easily be retrieved.)