Christmas Beyond Jesus

For centuries Jesus has been viewed as someone set apart, special, distinct from the rest of humanity. But what if he had simply awakened from the illusion of ego and realized the true nature of Reality as a divine, loving Oneness that includes us all? What if his greatest gift to us was showing us what we truly are, and what we are capable of when we relinquish the erroneous ego-mind? What if Christmas, rather than a celebration of the birth of one person, became the celebration of the Christ consciousness within us all, a consciousness that wants to be birthed into the world, a consciousness whose time has come? If so, how can we become “Mary” in our present age, allowing this awareness to be birthed in and through our own lives?

Coffee & Conversation & Book Discussion will follow this service with Patricia Pearce focusing on her recent book, Beyond Jesus: A Spiritual Odyssey. Join us if you have had a chance to read the book OR if you are intrigued by the topic following the service and haven’t had a chance to read the book. (Tea drinkers are always welcome Books will be available for purchase.