Poetry as Becoming

Our Soul Matters theme for April is “Becoming.” An interesting word. It suggests a transformation is occurring, a change is in the works. Inherent in that meaning is the idea that we have left a starting point and, while we may not be sure of our destination, an irreversible process is underway. Often, the only way to fully comprehend that process is to relate, as several TPUUF women did in last month’s “Women’s Voices” service, an experience that triggered a change or transformation in how we view(ed) ourselves, our relationship with others, our world or, perhaps, all three!

This Sunday, in honor of National Poetry Month, we’ll pay tribute to several poets who’ve documented accounts of their becoming. And, whether in a poem or in “poetic” prose, we invite TPUUF members and friends to share in figurative terms your experience of becoming by responding to one of two writing prompts: “Growth Rings” or “Re-dressing Yourself.” These prompts are described in this month’s The Beacon newsletter and will also be publicized through the TPUUF Web-vine and Sunday announcements.