Paying Attention

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Our busy and often chaotic lives require that we pay attention to many things, often at once. In so doing, we find ourselves pulled in different directions, confused, exhausted, and often overwhelmed. How do we know where to direct our attention and how can our Unitarian Universalist faith help us to pay attention to that which is most important to us?

Mark Bernstein is a former member of the Congregational Life Staff of the Central East Region of the UUA and currently serves as an adjunct consultant. In this capacity, he served as consultant to congregations, assisting with training, presentations and facilitation of congregational meetings and events. Mark is a loyal member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Delaware County in Media, PA, where he has served in many capacities since joining the congregation in 1994. Mark also has his own business providing training and consultation to agencies in the health care field.