Moving from ‘So What?’ to ‘What’s Next?’

During this challenging time, we could easily numb out, coast, complain, or start and stop projects that we’ve been waiting to find time to do. On this Mother’s Day, we’re going to engage in some personal nurturing of ourselves in the context of our faith community. Too often, we live in the “if only” of life, only to discover time has gone by and we’re still waiting for something to happen before we move forward. Jennifer Louden, writes “‘Why bother?” is one of the most important questions we can ever ask. It is natural. It is inevitable. It’s baked into being human.” Join us for this online worship service and invite your friends to join you! Then, if you would like, join us for a series of three Zoom workshops on this topic with Rev. Larry Peers. See more information and how to register in this newsletter.