I’d be Startin’ Anew

In the song, “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free,” is this memorable verse: “I wish I could do all the things I can do. Though I’m way overdue, I’d be startin’ anew.” As we launch this new year, we may truly want to be “startin’ anew” and, at the same time, we may feel limited by familiar patterns. Spiritual and psychological traditions provide some practices for intentionally pausing before diving in to our usual routine and for re-orienting ourselves. In this service we’ll explore ways to “pivot toward what matters” and nurture the freedom that comes from what Steven Hayes calls psychological flexibility. In so doing, may we brace ourselves for not just what’s next, but also for what’s possible.

Soul Matters Conversation:  This Sunday, following the service there will be a Soul Matters Conversation” with Rev. Larry Peers on our theme for the month, “Imagination” and reflecting together on the sermon. We will gather in a ‘breakout room” on Zoom.