Grace, Gravity and Growing Through All Our Years

One of my long-time friends and teachers, Parker Palmer has written a book on “collaborating” with ourselves as we grow and as we age. He writes:

I don’t want to fight the gravity of aging. It’s nature’s way. I want to collaborate with it as best I can, in hopes of going down with something like the grace of that setting sun. For all the wrinkles and worry lines, it’s a lovely thing simply to be one of those who’s lived long enough to say, “I’m getting old.”

Invitation: If you would like to, you are invited to bring a photo of yourself at any age (as an infant, child, adolescent, young adult, middle age or later.) to add to our makeshift altar display in our sanctuary on this Sunday. Following the service, you may want to take time to enjoy these photos of our members and friends and you may even have to make some guesses of who is who.