Create a Sacred Pause

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In this service, we’ll remind ourselves to experience what Buddhist teacher, Tara Brach, calls “a sacred pause.” She reminds us that when we cultivate pauses we can find a natural intelligence and a wise heart. There are many ways to commit to these pauses. We’ll experience some practical ways to experience them in everyday life, including experiencing “poetry as medicine” that creates a pause within and between us. Martha Postlethwaite, in her poem “Clearing,” shares these verses that contain some wise medicine for most of us: “Do not try to save/the whole world/or do anything grandiose./Instead, create/a clearing/in the dense forest/of your life/and wait there patiently/until the song/that is your life/falls into your own cupped hands/and you recognize and greet it.”

A Soul Matters Conversation on the theme of Becoming will be facilitated by Rev. Larry Peers following the service in a breakout room.