Bringing Compassion into Play

“You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” This provocative quote, widely misattributed to the great Greek philosopher, Plato, can lead us this Father’s Day to think about what we learned about or from a father or father-figure when they engaged in games and recreation with us or with others. “Play” was the original Soul Matters theme for June. Given the context of our lives since the onset of the global pandemic, the theme was changed to “Compassion.” So, here’s an interesting question to ask this Father’s Day: “What did a father or father-figure through play teach me about compassion—compassion for them, for myself, and/or for others?” Join us as several TPUUF members and friends share their answer to this question. As we did for Mother’s Day, we’ll recite a litany of “lessons,” this time lessons from our father(s) about compassion.