All guests must check-in at the entry desk. Having kept your advance purchase ticket and auction program will streamline your check-in process. You will receive your bidding number that should be used for all of your bidding at the auction.


Cash or check payment is preferred. Credit cards can be accepted. All payments are due at the close of the evening.

Silent Auction

At the silent auction tables, you will find items or services listed and displayed. Bid on any item by entering your number and your bid. Remember that the $ amount listed is only the minimum bid. Of course, someone can later offer a higher bid on the item, so go back and check the bidding sheet and offer a higher bid if you have your heart set on a particular item.

Voice Auctions

At the Voice Auction, themed dinners and selected special offerings will be open for bidding. Bid in whole dollar increments. Others may bid higher and the bidding will continue until there are no more bids. Please signal your bid with your bid number printed on the back of your program.