Thomas Paine Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
3424 Ridge Pike
Collegeville, PA 19426

Position Available: Minister

Reports to:  Board of Trustees

Thomas Paine Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is accepting applications for a half-time contract minister position for one year, with the potential for long-term employment, starting Sept 1, 2018

Job Description for Minister at TPUUF 


  • Be enthusiastic about the Fellowship and a dynamic force that will attract and retain members
  • Be easily approachable and a presence in the congregation and at fellowship activities
  • Maintain a professional demeanor, including working cooperatively with the DLFD
  • Be forward-minded and innovative with an eye on implementing fresh ideas and new techniques that meet today’s challenges
  • Be aware of the importance of the appearance of the building and grounds, and interact appropriately with the congregation to maintain and improve it


  • Minister will assume responsibility for 27 worship services per year and work closely with the Worship Committee who will coordinate the remainder of the services of the year.
  • Provide Sunday experiences that are thought-provoking, energetic and inspirational
  • Provide spiritual leadership and coordination for seasonal celebrations and rites of passage (weddings, child dedications, funerals and memorial services)
  • Encourage spiritual development of members and friends in conjunction with the Fellowship’s LFD program

Organizational Ministry

  • Supervise the Office Assistant, in consultation with Board of Trustees.
  • Participate in the annual evaluations of church personnel, both contract and staff
  • Not required to keep regular office hours at the church, but should be available upon request for individual appointments and consultations
  • Attend monthly board meetings, as a non-voting attendee, offering counsel and support

Pastoral Care

  • Serve members in their need for pastoral care
  • Be skilled and proactive in seeking conflict resolution

Prophetic Outreach

  • Be a witness to social justice issues of importance to the fellowship

Personal and Professional Growth

  • Participate in the multi-faith ministerial leadership community

Send resumé to:

Christine Perry, President
Thomas Paine Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
3424 Ridge Pike
Collegeville, PA 19426

Resumés will be reviewed as they are received until the position is filled.