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TPUUF Socks for the Season Collection

Socks for the Season

The warm weather of late November is behind us as we get out warm winter clothing.  There are among us, people who do not have even warm socks to cover their cold toes.

TPUUF’s collection of warm men’s, women’s and children’s socks will … read more.

TPUUF Prepares for “Hybrid” Services

TPUUF Prepares for “Hybrid” Services
August 8, 2021

Dear Member/Friend:

For 17 months, TPUUF has held weekly Sunday services virtually using Zoom.
This has been both a challenge and a blessing. We have engaged guest
ministers and speakers from across the country, and have welcomed former
members … read more.

TPUUF Welcomes Seven New Members

TPUUF Welcomes Seven New Members
August 8, 2021

On Friday, July 9, seven new members “signed the book” and officially became
members of TPUUF.

At a ceremony conducted in our sanctuary by Rev. Lawrence Peers and
witnessed by myself and our Treasurer, Linda Weaver, our Fellowship welcomed
… read more.

Soul Matters Themes for CY2021-2022

2021-2022 Soul Matters Themes

Our 2021–22 themes focus on our relationship with our times, on some of the central work and spiritual practices needed during this period of radical change, challenge, crisis and opportunity.

In particular, we will explore the challenges and adventure of…

September: Embracing Possibility

October: … read more.