ART01 – Personalized 5” x 7” Pet Portrait – Donated by Sally Bertolozzi

ART02 – Personalized 5” x 7” Pet Portrait – Donated by Sally Bertolozzi

ART03 – Pair of Ceramic Bowls: Margaret was a stalwart of this congregation and a potter of skill and renown. Her bowls delight the senses and are useful as well. You could not find a better remembrance of her. Donated by Toni & Jonathan Black

ART04 – Set of 6 Ceramic Mugs: by Artist Margaret Hoos – Donated by Toni & Jonathan Black

ART05 – Large Round Blue Vase by Artist Margaret Hoos – Donated by Linda Stauffer

ART06 – Small Redware Wall Vase by Artist Margaret Hoos – Donated by Linda Stauffer

ART07 – Blue Pot with Lid by Artist Margaret Hoos – Donated by Linda Stauffer

ART08 – 8” x 10” Framed Still Life with Tulips – Donated by Sally Bertolozzi

ART09 – “Gold Shine” Pottery Vessel by Artist Athena Spoonts – Donated by Athena Spoonts

ART10 – “Gold Shine” Pottery Vessel by Artist Athena Spoonts – Donated by Athena Spoonts

ART11 – Golden Maple Leaf painting/imprint by Artist Maggie Brown: Watercolor on yupo, 10” x 14” matted; golds, oranges, greens, and browns. Donated by Maggie Brown

ART12 Blue Hills by Artist Maggie Brown: 16” x 20” watercolor on coldpress; framed; shades of blue, purple and magenta. Donated by Maggie Brown

ART13 – Painted Print – White Intertwined Branches by Artist Maggie Brown: Watercolor mixed media on yupo – leaf over prints 10” x 14” framed, white resist, blue background, gold, silver metallic. Donated by Maggie Brown

ART14 – Woven BasketDonated by Barbara Vicente

ART15 – Dancer: oil painting by Artist Rosie Cacese – Donated by Roselyn Wealth

ART16 – Handmade Native American BasketDonated by Marian Augustine

ART17 – Pair of Handpainted, Glazed Wall Tiles from the Southwest: roughly 5” x 5” tiles purchases at a Scottsdale AZ museum, by Artist George Littlechild – Donated by Marian Augustine

ART18Brook and Melting Snow by Artist Herbert Waters: wood engraving print signed by artist – Donated by Preston Luitweiler

ART19Art by Bucks County Women: A poster collage of art collected by Erika Luitweiler – Donated by Preston Luitweiler

ART20 – The Immigrants: framed limited edition signed lithograph by L. Micherl – Donated by Preston Luitweiler

ART21 – Hand With Stars: Framed polymer clay original by Arla Patch – Donated by Preston Luitweiler

ART22 – “Playful Kittens” Lladro Porcelain Figure: This glazed porcelain figurine was designed by Lladro sculptor Juan Huerta; issued in 1984 and retired in 2003. Stands approx.. 8 3⁄4” tall, the base is 4” wide and 3” deep. It has the Lladro blue tulip logo. Hand made in Spain. Donated by Joanne Catto

ART23 – Framed Original Colored Art Designs colored by Christine Perry – Donated by Christine Perry

ART24 – Lladro Porcelain Figure: Girl with Umbrella and Geese #4510 retired – Donated by Lizzie Vena

ART25 – Brass Sailboat FigureDonated by Lizzie Vena

ART26 – Normal Rockwell Figure: Puppy Love 1983 – Donated by Lizzie Vena