Caricatures by Mr. David C. Perry

David’s Caricature Portraits are popular for their “kinder, gentler” style with likable likenesses. They are fun, but flattering, so that everyone ends up thrilled to see themselves as characters in a cartoon scene featuring big heads with little bodies and cool details, all tailored to each person’s choice of theme. Pick your favorite sport, hobby or fantasy and have a seat! Posing is painless – and watching a picture take shape is a magical spectator sport. Suggested minimum donation: $10 per person. Cash accepted or you may “put it on your tab” for final checkout. Learn more about this multitalented artist/musician/funnyman at

Musical Performance by Jeff Lohan

Jeff Lohan’s debut album is just simply beautifully composed. It breaks it down to the simplicity of a man and his guitar and proves sometimes that’s all you really need. From the production side all the way through to the arrangements and lyrics on this album, gives you the traditional singer/songwriter vibe similar to what you would hear from artists like Jim Croce, James Taylor, and Gordon Lightfoot just to name a few, but also proves to be current at the same time.
Jeff performs locally in the Bucks and Montgomery Country areas at various music venues and community events. You can check out more information, his story, schedule and music samples at Jeff Lohan Music

Games (included in your ticket price)

BEST DRESSED: Each guest received five (5) tickets at the check-in table. As you enjoy your evening and make your auction bids, keep an eye out for those who dressed to the theme. Please give a ticket to deserving attendees. The winner of the Best Dressed contest will be determined at the end of the evening by the number of tickets earned.

Stop by our three simple game stations.

    • Guess How Many Chess Pieces: Just as the name suggests, we invite each guest to make a guess and grab a treat while you’re here. Winner will receive a special Wonderland prize.
    • Pick A Card: Stop by and pick a card. Each card earns a yummy treat or Wonderland themed prize
    • Alice in Wonderland scratch-off tickets – The element of surprise. Get your ticket and see what you’ve won.

Towards the end of the evening, we will play Heads or Tails. All are welcome to join in the fun.

A prize will be given to the member/friend of TPUUF who has brought the most guests to our auction.