TPUUF Beacon – From the Minster

“The world is before you, and you need not take or leave it as it was when you came.” — James Baldwin

Someone was late for our appointment for a Zoom meeting. She apologized. “I’m sorry I was late. I have been out enjoying the snow. I love it.”

I, on the other hand, am not a fan of snow.

This year, I have enjoyed the snow by viewing it through the windows and in the comfort and warmth of my home. With no meetings to drive to or reason to go anywhere, I could relax into the simple beauty of the snow.

“Winter into Spring”

I like to call this time of year “Winter into Spring” to help me remember that this season is only a phase we are going through. �

“Winter into Spring” was inspired by the album title of that name by composer and solo pianist George Winston. He was inspired by the transition of the seasons. Maybe you would enjoy listening to this album and reflecting on the wonder of the seasons’ transitions and the wonder and dynamic and wonders of shifts and changes in your life. You might take a moment to listen to this album by going to this link:

“Winter into Spring: by George Winston:

A Time for Hibernation

This season—Winter into Spring—can be a time of hibernation. We may have mixed feelings about hibernation at a time when we’ve been in a modified “lock-down” during this pandemic. However, I like to think of hibernation as a time for inner renewal in preparation for what may want to emerge in our lives.

The writer and educator, Andréana E. Lefton, shares some of my ambivalence about times of hibernation. She shares in her piece, “The Gifts of Hibernation” these words:

I am learning to see hibernation as a time to retreat from the world, yes. It is also a time for my own unspoken philosophy to come into clearer focus. In this way, hibernation is a time of approach. I am approaching the truth in me, a movement that requires both patience and trust.

How will you use this time of Winter into Spring?

Join us in the worship services this month, where we will reflect upon our own lives, on the lives of women, and the deeper meanings that we shape and that have shaped us. We will have services featuring jazz, a “Bring Your Quilt to Church Sunday,” women from our congregation, and times for singing, meditating, and fellowship with one another.

A Shared Journey

Tuesdays in March Would you be interested in joining with others on Tuesdays in March at 4:00 for some guided reflections and focused conversation? Each group will have a theme, short reading, reflection questions, and a time for conversation. Bring Your Own Beverage, Soup, or Sparkle. I will be drawing upon some of these Spiritual Practice Resources, which you can view at

You must RSVP to Rev. Larry Peers at to get the link for the group.