Membership Anniversary Recognition

On March 11th Rev. Brown and the membership team’s Christine Perry and Phil Manos, along with the congregation members present acknowledged the membership anniversaries of several of our TP family. Pictured are David Drumm, Laura Walter, Becki Douglas, and Flo Shore who had five-year anniversaries in 2017.  Not present but, also with five-year anniversaries were Cam Douglas, Jerry Lazzaro, Adele McDaniel and David Pope.

In addition to these eight members, Dorothy Tarka was recognized for ten years of membership in 2017. Barbara Carter was also acknowledged for thirty-five years of membership at Thomas Paine. Barbara moved to Syracuse New York to be near her children about ten years ago. However, she has remained a member of the congregation since 1982.

Congratulations to each of you who achieved a membership anniversary this past year. Please know that the Fellowship is grateful for your relationship with Thomas Paine and what you add to our faith community!