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In a piece commemorating Father’s Day decades ago, the late syndicated columnist and renowned humorist Erma Bombeck wrote, “Fathers used to be a lot like a kitchen clock. They had a familiar face, were always in the same spot, kept pretty good time, and were never missed or appreciated until the day they stopped ticking.” Obviously, the roles, identities and traits of fathers have changed much over the past six decades and continue to evolve. Father’s Day 2019 affords an opportunity to reflect on what our own fathers have meant to us. Several of us will share memories of our fathers and what we learned from them, for better or worse, about the experience of fathering in these changing, and often confusing, times.

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A few photos of our Youth Group doing their first run through of our Youth-Led Pet Blessing service. Join us for this special service on April 28th, 10:30am #TPUUF #faithdevelopmentisallwedo #petblessing #7thPrinciple #InterdependentWeb #youthleadership